NLP & Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training Certification

‘Neuro-Semantics has and continues to take NLP to a new level of professionalism in models and ethics’.

Dr L. Michael Hall (co-founder Neuro-Semantics)

1.   The duration of the Certified Neuro-Semantic and NLP Trainers Training must be a minimum of:

2.   To attend this training requires an invitation and letter of confirmation of readiness from a recognised NS Certified Trainer

3.   Fourteen whole days face-to-face classroom training

4.   A demonstration of knowledge you’ve gained by reaching the pass mark of the final written assessment

5.   Multiple live demonstrations of presentation and training skills gained with small and full group presentations

  • Core Training Skills
  • Use of Semantic Space
  • State management Groups
  • Psychology of Personal Genius
  • Performance Drills
  • Platform Presentation Skills
  • Group Rapport and Engagement
  • Presentation Structure and Design
  • 4mat and Framing
  • The Business of Training
  • Making Memorable Training
  • Metaphor & Storying
  • Confrontation Skills as a Trainer
  • Speaking from the Heart
  • Speaking Hypnotically
  • Stance Presentation
  • Setting Up Exercises
  • Handling Challenge
  • Live Demonstration Skills
  • Best Training States
  • Loops
  • Co-Training Skills
  • Energizers/ Icebreakers
  • Presentation Benchmarking
  • Keynoting
  • Systemic Training
  • Nightmare Scenario
  • Wrapping Up and Evaluating
  • Training Distinctions
  • How to Present Patterns
  • Selling Yourself as a Trainer

Are you ready to become the best you, you can be?