NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Advanced Training in the Science and Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics

The duration of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification training must be a minimum of:

1.   Attainment of your NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognised NLP trainer

2.   40 hours of pre-course reading (User Manual for the Brain Vol 2 or your complete Master NLP Training Manual plus Mind lines- Hall)

3.   Fourteen whole days face-to-face classroom training

4.   A demonstration of knowledge you’ve gained by reaching the pass mark of the final written assessment (open book- assessment supplied pre-course)

5.   Demonstration of your skills gained with a live bench-marked pattern delivery

6.   The training delivered by an INSA ‘Recognised Trainer’

  •  Introduction to NLP Mastery
  • Top Ten Mastery States
  • Well-Formed Outcomes for Mastery
  • Circles of Excellence
  •  Mastery through meta-states
  •  Meta-Stating Learning
  • Meta-Stating Concepts
  • Mind-to-Muscle Pattern
  • Qualifying/ Texturing Genius States
  • Meta-Stating Intentionality
  • Meta-Stating Committed Focus
  • Meta-Stating Integrity Beyond Language
  • Mastery through trance
  • Trance as a Meta-State Phenomena
  • The Meta-Levels as Trance
  • Inductions of Hypnotic Trances
  • Trance via Time-Lines
  • Meta-programs mastery
  • Meta-Programs as Coalesced meta-states
  • Meta-Programs for “Figuring Out People”
  • Changing Meta-Programs
  • Using Meta-Programs
  • Mastery through mind-lines
  • The Mind-Lines Model
  • Conversational Reframing
  • 26 Reframing Patterns
  • Exploring the Structure of Experience
  • Modelling: the heart of NLP
  • Tools for Modelling
  • Sub-modalities go meta
  • Unmasking Sbmd’s meta-levels
  • Strategies for Modelling
  • The NLP-enriched TOTE Model
  • Neuro-Semantics Modelling

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