Renew your ISNS License

Annual renewal for the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) Meta-Coach (attended ACMC) and ISNS Neuro-Semantics Trainer license 

Meta-Coaches and Trainers who practice as a MCF accredited Meta-Coach or ISNS accredited Neuro-Semantics Trainer must keep their license in good standing on an annual basis.

Individuals who practice in the African and Indian Ocean region can secure their license renewal through completing the 'ticket' purchase on the "Quicket" platform. 

On the "Quicket" page below you will find a ticket option for the ISNS Meta-Coach License and five (5) ticket options for the ISNS Trainer License.  ** Please select the correct ticket(s). **

The ISNS Trainer license is made of the following categories or ticket types:
> C | An individual who is Certifying - providing training with a credential,
> NC | An individual Not Certifying - training but not giving out certificates,
> M | Modular trainers - training only Modules I and II of Meta-Coaching,
> S | An individual on Sabbatical - when taking a year off for health reasons or on holiday, however, not wanting to forfeit their license,
> NT | An individual Not Training: i.e. currently not presenting training, however, not wanting to forfeit their license.

* When you complete your purchase, the ticket and proof of payment will represent your license.
* Licenses will be considered valid when verified by the SAINS leadership team.
* Please retain your digital ticket as proof of payment and reference of your license.

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